• We make natto for your everyday health 作りたての納豆を毎日の食卓へ

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Organic, fresh natto handmade in Brooklyn 手作り有機納豆をブルックリンで

Our packages are for true natto lovers or a large/growing family.  1 lbs package contains 450g of natto, which is equivalent to about 12 individual styrofoam container of organic natto sold in stores.  We have 2 pounds package (about 24 styrofoam containers) and 3 pounds package (about 36 styrofoam containers).  3 pounds are split in 2 containers.      

If you like to know more about the superfood from Japan, Natto is a traditional Japanese superfood made by fermenting soybeans. Rich in probiotics, vitamins, and minerals such as iron and vitamin K2, natto is a superfood for your everyday. 

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Always Fresh Natto その理由は発注生産

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