Big Oyaki (Japanese hot donuts) made with Organic Buckwheat and Anko (red bean)

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We are taking Oyaki orders from Oct 15 to May 1 for out of state.  For summer season, Oyaki is available for more than a half dozen for local deliveries only!  Please contact Chieko at (913) 742-3415.  We put no preservatives, use all organic ingredients and add less sugar.  3 Oyaki come in a brown bag but you can request a cake box for a small fee.  Text 913-742-3415

Now bigger oyaki! Our Sankyodai original oyaki is about 2 times bigger than regular oyaki.  All handmade, 100 percent organic ingredients!  Please microwave until inside the oyaki is warm and use an oven toaster or nonstick frying pan to make the outside crispy on low heat!  (cast iron pan would do great)   The picture shows a half dozen of oyaki.  Keep refrigerated or frozen.

Ingredients: organic buckwheat flour, organic flour, organic red bean, organic cane sugar, sesame seeds