Mizkan black vinegar

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ミツカン 純玄米 (500ml) 黒酢日本国産玄米だけを豊富に使用した毎日続けられる黒酢です。旨み成分を豊富に含んだ、まろやかな酸味です。独自の醸造技術により、さわやかな味わいを実現し、 くせの原因となっている成分を抑えた、飲みやすくお料理にも使いやすい黒酢です。

The black vinegar (16.9 oz) uses only Japanese brown rice.  Use it for your health everyday.  Mix in with your Natto to use as a substitute for soy sauce.  There’s no sodium and it has tons of umami flavor!

Mizkan Pure Brown Rice Black Vinegar is made with only Japanese brown rice. Use it for your health everyday. Rich in umami ingredients, it has a mellow acidity. With unique brewing technology, it has refreshing taste, making it easy to use for your everyday cooking.